Sponsored by: Every Child Has a Story - 501c3 Non Profit Organization
          Sponsored by: Every Child Has a Story - 501c3 Non Profit Organization 

Club meeting are creatively designed to encourage participation even for the child who might be considered shy.

Meetings are FUN and a safe place to fine tune your speaking skills.

Always something new to learn and exciting to explore!

Builds Confidence

Teaches children to command stellar communication skills. They are totally equipt to voice their concerns, interests and ideas to others. 

Builds Self-Esteem

Learning critical thinking, presentation, speech writing and public speaking skills delivered without fear builds character and makes children feel great about themselves. 

Develops Leaders

Having the opportunity to mentor younger members, coaching and guiding their success helps in developing leadership skills...the kind of skills college recruiters are looking for.

Social phobias often start with shyness...

Learning the skills to conquer the fear of speaking in public at an early age can increase a child's chances of developing a successful life. Isn't that what every parent wants for their children? Speech Crafters Speech & Debate Club can help your child to  develop:


1. Presentation skills                          5. Leadership Skills

2. Organization Skills                         6. Meeting Management

3. Mental Agility                                7. Oracy Skills

4. Speech Writing                             8. Team Building




Confident kids want to try new things...

Learning effective public speaking skills increase self confidence by enabling kids to master this difficult and meet and greet future challenges. Speech Crafters Speech & Debate Club fine tunes your child's every day verbal and non verbal communication skills boosting their confidence. Confident kids:


1. Get better grades in school

2. Score higher on college entrance exams

3. Become better listeners

4. Make better choices and decisions

5. Have a healthy Self-Esteem




Speech Crafters Speech and Debate Club is sponsored by Every Child Has a Story, a registered 501(c) 3 non- profit organization.

Speech Crafters Speech & Debate Club On-Site 

What is Speech Crafters Speech & Debate Club - On-Site? Glad you asked!

 The only difference between our original public speaking program for kids and teens is that we bring the program to YOU on-site. Ages 8 to 18 are welcome and since it's on-site, parents won't need to transport their kids to and from. You provide at least 10 kids, the room, tables and chairs and we do the rest! 

There is a fee for this 2 hour workshop of $200. 

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