Speech Crafters - The Only Public Speaking Club for Children & Teens in Alabama!
Speech Crafters - The Only Public Speaking Club for Children & Teens in Alabama!

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How many speeches do members give? 

Completing each Level in Speech Crafters Club (there are four), involves giving seven speeches and doing each role in the club (e.g. Vote Counter, Evaluator, MC, etc.) at least once, during that Level. Some of the higher Levels (beyond Level I) have additional requirements.

Below are brief descriptions of the seven speeches required to advance to Level II.

The speeches in Level I emphasize the development of specific presentation skills, including, using gestures, vocal variety, visual aids, and organization.

More information can be found in the member handbook.


(We use a signaling system to let you know your time, so you'll know when your time is running out.)


1. Getting to Know You (4 - 6 minutes) 
The objective of this speech is to help you feel more comfortable in public speaking situations and to let the audience know more about you. 

2. Gestures (5 - 7 minutes) 
This speech calls on you to work with gestures and body language to add interest and meaning to your speech. 

3. Vocal Variety (5 - 7 minutes) 
Use volume, pitch, rate, and quality as well as appropriate pauses to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message. 

4. Visual Aids (5 - 7 minutes) 
Use visual aids to help the audience understand and remember what they hear. 

5. Organizing a Speech (5 - 7 minutes) 
Organize your presentation into a logical sequence that helps the audience to a clearly understand the topic. Write up a speech outline, following club guidelines, and turn it in to the Chairperson and your Evaluator before the speech. 

6. Speaker's Choice (5 - 7 minutes) 
The speaker chooses the topic and emphasis, of this speech. To count toward Level advancement, this speech must be given while a Level I speaker.

7. Speaking with Knowledge (7 minutes +/- 30 seconds) 
Research an issue or topic, write a speech, and then present that speech to the audience in a way that incorporates the skills you have learned thus far. To be eligible for Level advancement, the timing of this speech must fall within the specified time frame of 7-minutes plus-or-minus 30-seconds.



Who teaches me how to write speeches? 

The member handbook has a section devoted to speech-writing. It provides a worksheet to help plan the first speech, called the "Getting to Know You" speech. There are suggestions for types of speeches to avoid, and a 5-step process we recommend for how to write a great speech. Children will learn by observing, doing, and being-evaluated. Don't worry!  We are a team of published authors and professional speakers eager and ready to help throughout the process. We will work together for your child's success! 

"During Levels I & II, parents may assist children as they craft their speeches." 


How long does it take to complete each Level? 


It usually takes 12-18 months per level, to advance, though members that tend to have speeches ready to go, and can substitute in case of a no-show, tend to advance more quickly.




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