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          Sponsored by: Every Child Has a Story - 501c3 Non Profit Organization 

What parents have to say about us...

Here's what people are saying about Speech Crafters Speech & Debate Club.

Speech Crafters Speech & Debate Club is AMAZING! The only public speaking club for kids and teen in Alabama. I can't express enough how incredible building this skill is for young people. I was so amazed by how my sons did and how much they love the Club. Thank you for creating this tremendous moment that will shape my boys life and the lives of so many other children who will come through your program." 


Kenya Halliburton

"I was looking for a summer program for my daughter. One where she could not only have fun, but to get her involved in other interest she hadn't tried before. My daughter attended the Speech Crafters Club Summer Workshop. She was always timid and a bit nervous when having to speak in front of others, so I had hoped this would be the right choice for her. Having participated in the workshop my daughter seems to be more confident when she expresses herself to others. She had a wonderful experience and really enjoyed interacting with the other kids."


Latondia Ragland

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